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We can help you bottle your decoration products.

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Visit us in our Toronto or Montreal stores.

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Whether you are in Canada or overseas, we have the experience to help you meet your delivery schedules.

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Standard Finishes

The diagram to the right shows the standard guidelines for bottle finish dimensioning. A glass finish is shown, but the guidelines apply to plastics bottles also

"T" - Outside diameter of the continuous thread

"E" - Outside diameter of the finish shaft-ecluding the thread

"H" - Height from the top of the finish to the bottom where it intersects with the shoulder

"I" - The inside through diameter of the finish at the smallest possible diameter

"S" - The distance between the top of the finish to the top of the starting thread

"L" - The distance between the top of the finish to the top of the transfer bead (Optional on plastic bottles)

"W" - The thickness of the transfer bead. (Optional on plastic bottles)

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Consolidated Bottle Corporation has a proud history spanning over 100 years of providing value added service to make your packaging decisions easy, efficient and cost effective.  Let us save you time and money.
We carry a wide range of packaging components such as bottles, caps, sprayers, and more that are “IN STOCK" and “READY TO SHIP”.

Our large warehousing facilities allow us to be flexible to your needs. We are able to maintain stock for your forecasts and deliver based on your changing demands.  Our expertise in efficient warehousing allows us to capitalize on large run sizes and provide extremely competitive pricing to our customers.

We operate our own dedicated logistics service in Toronto, Montreal and surrounding areas.  This allows us to meet your delivery schedules.  Our logistics department is familiar with all of the requirements of long distance shipments.  This includes creating the appropriate shipping and customs documentation as well as the coordination and tracking of your goods all the way to your receiving doors.

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